Ringan is a revolutionary financial services platform on a mission to play an important role in Indonesia’s financial inclusion by making borrowing money easier – and in turn, making life easier. Our mission is to live up to our brand philosophy “Jalani Hidup Dengan Ringan” by continuing to find ways to make borrowing easier and improve the quality of life of our borrowers, without weighing them down.

As part of Ping An Insurance Group, a world-leading financial services provider, we are looking to transform money into a tool that everyone can access in the way that best suits his or her needs. We do this by providing collateral-free loans for all, enabled by our technology-enabled innovations in credit underwriting and customer experience. Furthermore, our offer is differentiated with competitive user centric interest rates, flexible tenors and a wide range of ticket sizes.

Effective 2 August 2021, we have been officially licensed by Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) as a Fintech Lending Peer-to-Peer (P2P) company. We are also an active member of Asosisasi Fintech Pendanaan Bersama Indonesia (AFPI).