PT First Media Tbk

Since 2007, First Media has changed its name from Kabelvision into First Media. First Media has define itself as integrated telecommunication and multimedia services pioneer in Indonesia with its Triple Play concept, which is pay television service, high speed broadband wireless internet access and data communication service over digital telecommunication network.

First Media’s long journey in the ICT business has led to a strategic policy direction that places First Media as the holding company that runs the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) business in Indonesia. All of First Media’s policies and business strategies are oriented to become a leading TMT business company, and able to support the Government’s plan to achieve the target of people’s lives with the power of digital technology that contributes to the progress of the nation and national economic development.

Currently First Media has operated various business models such as internet service network providers, pay television service providers, content provision, as well as with subsidiaries engaged in telecommunications infrastructure development, and in 2019 the Company has acquired several companies engaged in the business of media (print and online). The purpose of the acquisition is to increase the business portfolio, so that the Company can advance business value, strengthen its financial position, and increase the Company’s value for shareholders and stakeholders.