PT Multi Prima Sejahtera Tbk (MPS) was established for the first time under the name PT Lippo Champion Glory in 1982, and then in 2001, MPS experienced several changes, including the change in the company’s name to PT Multi Prima Sejahtera Tbk.

The main activities of MPS are producing and distributing, and selling “spark plugs” under the “Champion” trademark, a license originated from Federal Mogul Ignition LLC. United States of America. Based on the Articles of Association of the Company, the scope of activities of the Company includes the following:

  • Industrial activity for spark plugs and motor vehicle accessory parts.
  • Carrying out large trading activities of machinery, equipment and other paraphernalia.
  • Carrying out plant farming and plant breeding activities.
  • Carrying out other professional, scientific, and technical activities.
  • Carrying out holding companies activities.