Dividend Policy

Net Profit After Tax Percentage of Cash Dividend to Net Profit after Tax
Up to Rp100 billion 10-15%
More than Rp100 billion 15-25%

Pursuant to the respective Articles of Association and the laws and regulations in Indonesia, the payment/distribution of dividends is approved by the shareholders through the General Meeting of Shareholders on the Board of Directors’ recommendation. Payment/distribution of dividends take into account the Company and its subsidiaries’ financial position without prejudice to the rights of the Company’s General Meeting of Shareholders.

History of Dividend Payouts

Date Issued Period
(Fiscal Year)

Dividend (Rp)

Number of Shares

Dividend Amount Paid (Rp)
2020 19 Jul 21 14,639,632,470
2021 23 May 22 15,682,323,987
2022 8 May 23 15,682,323,987