Throughout the course of running its business, the Company constantly pays attention to social and environmental impacts as a form of the commitment to show meaningful growth that affects and benefits all parties.

The Company regularly organizes a number of activities related to work safety, health, education, environment and economic development as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In implementing CSR activities, the Company collaborates with its subsidiaries and various nonprofit organizations.

Responsibility For The Environment

The Company strives to reduce its operations’ impact on the environment and maintain environmental sustainability. Together with its business units, the Company adopts various initiatives aimed to minimizing environmental impact, including efforts to save energy and resources. All Company employees always practice and apply an energy-saving culture by switching off all electronic equipment including lights and computers upon leaving the room after working hours. Employees also conserve the forest resources by lessening paper usage.

Responsibility For Employees

In consideration of the importance of Employment and Occupational Health and Safety aspects, the Company and its subsidiaries maintain a positive work environment through standardized health and safety management policies implemented according to its respective nature of business and existing regulations. The Company annually partners with Siloam Hospital in Lippo Karawaci for complimentary vaccines and blood checks benefitting employees.

Every quarter, the Company organizes employee gatherings which serve as a forum for employees to exchange information, interact and familiarize with each other as well as foster a sense of solidarity. The annual Ramadan thanksgiving and Christmas events, which are held together with all employees and subsidiaries, also enhance mutual relationships and uphold respect for employee diversity.

The Company offers employees the opportunity to participate in a series of trainings, which are prepared both internally and externally. Local and foreign professional work instructors and trainers conduct these workshops, seminars and trainings.

Responsibility For Consumers

As part of its commitment and responsibility to consumers, the Company, through its subsidiaries, provides the highest quality service standards and continuously improves on these services. Since customer complaints are handled according to corresponding policies and mechanisms of the Company and its subsidiaries, these are handled properly and systematically through constant innovation and improvement of procedures and mechanisms. Moreover, the Company also implements policies that maintain the excellent quality of products and services in order to increase customer value.

Responsibility For Society

The Company realizes that business sustainability goes hand-in-hand with its involvement and contribution to the surrounding community. Therefore, the Company and its subsidiaries contribute to the improvement of society’s health and well-being through several programs that involve and empower the community, especially within the business’ immediate surroundings. The Company always encourages employees to voluntarily take an active role in participating or initiating activities related to health, education and society.