To maintain compliance with Good Corporate Governance and commercial integrity, the Company has established a whistleblowing mechanism dubbed the Whistleblowing System. It is a system that handles secret, anonymous, and impartial complaints and disclosures concerning fraud and other unethical behavior. By implementing the system, the Company ensures the reporter’s secrecy and protects the reporter from all forms of threats, intimidation, retaliation, or unpleasant actions from any party, so long as the reporter maintains the confidentiality of his/her complaints/disclosures from any party. This system is applicable to all Company employees and/or third parties as a means of disclosing multiple issues within the Company that violate its applicable regulations and code of ethics.

Reports of violations should be submitted through e-mail to, along with supporting data and legitimate evidence and background or context for the infraction.

Procedure for Resolving Complaints

  1. The Management Team for Violation Reports initially evaluates and verifies incoming reports. Within 14 (fourteen) working days, the team will decide whether to pursue the case further.
  2. If the verification results indicate that the complaint is false or that there is insufficient evidence to support it, the complaint will not be handled further. However, if the verification results reveal a violation with valid evidence, the case will be referred for further investigation to the Violation Investigation Team.
  3. The Violation Investigation Team must investigate all verified violation allegations.
  4. Within 30 (thirty) working days after receiving the report from the Violation Complaints Management Team, the Violation Investigation Team shall investigate the report and conclude the case investigation.
  5. Violators or perpetrators of violations who are identified through the investigation findings will be prosecuted in accordance with the Company Regulations in effect at the time.
  6. If the investigation reveals serious violations, the legal procedure will be initiated by law enforcement authorities.
  7. All documents pertaining to complaint resolution will be archived in the Internal Audit unit.

Internally, the party responsible for handling violation complaints is composed of two team units: the Violation Reports Management Team and the Violation Investigation Team. The Company, including but not limited to the Violation Reports Management Team and the Violation Investigation Team, is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all involving parties’ identities (both whistleblowers and reported) and report contents.

There are no reports of violations or irregularities for fiscal year 2021.