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Disclosure – Affiliated Transaction on Transferring Share of SIP to NJC and PEG
30 August 2017

Karawaci, 30 August 2017
No. CSS.161-2017

Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (“OJK”)
Gedung Sumitro Djojohadikusumo
Jalan Lapangan Banteng Timur No.2-4
Jakarta 10710

Attention to: Ibu Nurhaida – Chief Executive

Dear Madam,

Re: Information Disclosure of PT Multipolar Tbk (the “Company”).

Reference to:

  • Regulation No. IX.E.1, Attachment to the Decision of the Chaiman of Bapepam and LK No. Kep- 412/BL/2009 dated 25 November 2009 regarding Affiliated Transaction and Conflict of Interest on Certain Transactions (“Regulation No. IX.E.1”); and
  • OJK Regulation No. 31/POJK.04/2015 set on16 December 2015 and promulgated on 22 December 2015 regarding Information Disclosure in Relation to Material Information or Fact of Issuer or Public Company (“POJK 31/2015”).

Based on Point 2 alphabet b number 3 Regulation No. IX.E.1, Transaction with transaction value not more than 0.5% (zero point five percent) of the Company’s paid capital and not exceeding Rp5,000,000,000.00 (five billion rupiah) only required to be reported to OJK no later than the second working day following the occurrence of the Transaction.

In connection with the above and along with the development of the world of information technology in Indonesia that is growing rapidly, especially in the field of startup. The Company sees that the opportunity and the potential of digital business is very large and intends to take strategic steps by investing in company that manages digital startup companies. On 28 August 2017, PT Nusa Jaya Cipta and PT Prima eCommerce Global have purchased and received share transfers owned by PT Duta Wibisana Anjaya and PT Karya Kawan Bersama in PT Semesta Investasi Pratama (“SIP”).

The following is the description of the transaction:

A. PT Nusa Jaya Cipta purchased and received share transfer of SIP.

1.Seller:PT Duta Wibisana Anjaya (“DWA”)
2.Buyer:PT Nusa Jaya Cipta (“NJC”)
3.Number of shares:999 (nine hundred and ninety nine) shares.
4.Transaction Value:Rp999,000,000.- (nine hundred and ninety nine million Rupiah).
5.Mechanism:DWA transferred its shares ownership in SIP to NJC.

PT Prima eCommerce Global purchased and received share transfer of SIP.

1.Seller:PT Karya Kawan Bersama (“KKB”)
2.Buyer:PT Prima eCommerce Global (“PEG”)
3.Number of shares:1 (one) share.
4.Transaction Value:Rp1,000,000.- (one million Rupiah).
5.Mechanism:KKB transferred its shares ownership in SIP to PEG.

B. Affiliated Relationship

Between the Company and NJC, PEG, and DWA:

  1. Relationship between shareholders
    • NJC is a subsidiary that is owned indirectly by the Company of 83.33%;
    • PEG is a subsidiary that is owned directly and indirectly by the Company of 99.9%;
    • DWA is a subsidiary that is owned indirectly by PT Inti Anugrah Propertindo (“IAP”) of 99.998%; and
    • The Company is owned indirectly by IAP of 54.07%.
  2. Relationship in management and supervisory.
    On the date of this Information Disclosure, there are similarity among the members of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of the Company NJC, PEG and IAP, i.e.:
Jeffrey K. WonsonoCC
Eddy H. HandokoPDPD
Lina H. LatifDC
Richard H. SetiadiDC
Chrysologus R.N. SinulinggaCD
Agus ArismunandarPCD
Djony Rosnipa DD 


PC : President Commissioner
C   : Commissioner
PD : President Director
D   : Director

C. Statement of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of the Company.

Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors state that the all information or material facts have been disclosed in this report and all information is not misleading.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Yours faitfully,

Chrysologus R.N. Sinulingga
Corporate Secretary

Copied to:

  • Deputy Commissioner Supervising Capital Market II, OJK;
  • Chief Department Supervising Capital Market IIB, OJK;
  • Director of Company Valuation in Services Sector, OJK; and
  • Director of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia.